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Salvia coccinea (Tropical Salvia) is a annual to short lived perennial native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas. While they tend to die back in the winter, they will bloom any time of year. Salvia is a terrific self seeder and will fill in any available space in your garden. It can be somewhat aggressive, easy to pull, and is the perfect plant for a wildflower setting or meadow. You can also place a mesh bag over spent blooms to avoid reseeding/collect the seeds.


Tropical salvia thrives in full sun to part shade. You typically see Red flowers but we also have White and Pink that are native to Florida. It grows up to 4' tall and 2' wide and will tolerate acidic to neutral soil pH. Salvia perfers moist soils and is drought tolerant once established. It is somewhat tolerant to salt spray but not inundation.


It attracts hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies and provides nectar and pollen for these pollinators. It is also a great addition to any garden as it provides a vibrant pop of color.


Tropical Sage - Salvia coccinea

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