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Thank you for your interest in Amelia's Native Wildflowers! Contact us anytime with questions, concerns or to schedule an appointment.


97045 Miller Road

Yulee, Florida 32097



9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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"Plant it and they will come! I got this plant [Penstemon laevigatus. Eastern Smooth Beardtongue] yesterday from @Amelias_Native_Wildflowers, went to water it this morning and found this fella enjoying the blooms. How kind of this bee to let me film it! I haven't seen a lot of activity in my new front yard yet as critters can take a while to find new plants. So I was surprised to see this plant already being enjoyed! Their appearance reminds me of a mix of stokes aster and tropical sage! Very excited about these new babies!"

From: Jacksonville Resident

"My wild petunias are blooming, they are so cute! I've never seen them before, glad I got them!"

From: Jacksonville Resident 

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