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Your Florida Guide to Butterfly Gardening

Your Florida Guide to Butterfly Gardening


In this easy-to-use and brightly illustrated introductory guide, lepidopterist Jaret Daniels shows beginners how to create a haven for butterflies and other flower-loving wildlife in Florida and throughout the Deep South.

Updated in this second edition with new photographs and expanded to include additional species of butterflies, Your Florida Guide to Butterfly Gardening offers a thorough look at Florida’s most common garden butterflies and the plants they prefer for food, shelter, and egg laying. It helps you select plants for a yard where butterflies can live and return year after year. The book features garden layouts designed for Florida’s major growing zones and also suitable for gardens in neighboring southern states.

Full-color images show common butterflies and their caterpillars, as well as food plants and host plants. Daniels also discusses current environmental threats to butterfly species, with a special focus on the monarch butterfly, describing how humans can play an important role in sustaining native wildlife populations and promoting biodiversity through our yards and home gardens

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