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Yellowtop - Flaveria linearis

Yellowtop - Flaveria linearis


•Status in Florida: Native

•Size at Maturity: Typically grows 1 to 3 feet tall and wide

•Phenology: Annual or perennial herb with narrow linear leaves; clusters of small yellow flowers appear in summer and fall

•Life Cycle: Annual or perennial

•Bloom Season: Summer to fall

•Deciduous, Dioecious, Evergreen: Deciduous

•Sunlight Requirements: Full sun

•Soil Texture: Well-drained sandy or loamy soils

•Soil pH: Tolerant of a wide range, but prefers slightly acidic to neutral (pH 5.5-7.0)

•Moisture Requirements: Tolerant of drought once established, prefers moderately moist soil

•Tolerance to Salt Spray: Low tolerance

•Recommended Landscape Uses: Naturalistic landscapes, meadows, butterfly gardens, pollinator gardens

•Maintenance Tips: Low maintenance; may self-seed in favorable conditions; cut back dead foliage as needed

•Considerations: Can become weedy in some areas, monitor for spread

•Edible: Not typically consumed

•Medicinal Uses: No documented medicinal uses

•Toxicity to Pets: Not known to be toxic

•Florida Native Companion Plant: Coreopsis spp., Gaillardia spp.

•Wildlife Benefit: Attracts pollinators such as bees and butterflies; provides habitat and food for various insects

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