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Yellow, Golden Canna

Yellow, Golden Canna

PriceFrom $5.00

Brighten those moist areas or water features with Golden Canna. A lovely spring flower with beautiful green foliage that brings a tropical feel to the home landscape. Not to mention it is the host plant for the Brazilian Skippers.

Size: 3-6’ tall by 4’ wide

Life Span: Long-lived Perennial

Winter dormant in North FL

Spring-summer golden blooms

Considerations: Spreads by rhizomes, self-fertile, able to self pollinate


Soil: Muck, Clay, Loam, Sand

Moisture: Aquatic to moist soils

Low/No salt tolerance


Pollinated by bats, hummingbirds, bees and other small pollinators

Larval host plant for Brazilian Skipper Butterflies

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