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Swamp Rose Mallow - Hibisicus grandifolia

Swamp Rose Mallow - Hibisicus grandifolia

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Swamp Mallow is a large wildflower growing between 6-10’ tall. It has a beautiful pink flowers that bloom from summer to fall. It has interesting silvery gray foliage that helps it standout. It is a short lived, winter dormant, perennial that grows best in wet to moist, sandy, loam or clay soils. It requires full sun and is not salt tolerant.

Swamp rose mallows attract many pollinators. It is the larval host of Gray Hairstreak, Painted Lady Butterfly, Common Checkered Skipper and Tropical Checkered Skipper butterflies. It’s also the larval host plant for four moths: Pearly Wood Nymph, Yellow Scallop Moth, Io Moth, and Delightful Bird-Dropping Moths.

And this plant supports native bees (including the Rose-mallow Bee which is a Hibiscus specialist), beetles, etc.

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