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Scarlet hibiscus is a true beauty. This semi-woody perennial requires wet to moist, loamy or mucky soil. In late summer through early fall you’ll see large red blooms, although blooms only last a day, this plant is a profuse bloomer.

This beauty grows between 4-7’ tall in full to partial shade. While it can withstand floods, it is not salt tolerant. Like other hibiscus’ it is not cold tolerant and will die back in the winter to regrow in the spring.

The scarlet red flowers are particularly attractive to hummingbirds and other pollinators. It is also the larval host plant for the Gray Hairstreak, Painted Lady Butterfly, Common Checkered Skipper and Tropical Checkered Skipper butterflies. It’s also the host for four moths : Pearly Wood Nymph, Yellow Scallop Moth, Io Moth, and Delightful Bird-Dropping Moths.

This plant also supports native bees including the hibiscus specialist, the Rose-mallow bee.

Scarlet Hibiscus - Hibiscus coccineus

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