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The Magnolia Company’s brand new to our 2024 Spring Collection is here!

Premiering the Spring Sunrise Wreath! Woven from dried grapevines, we’ve breathed new life into our classic fresh magnolia wreath design. The real showstopper of this wreath lies in the backdrop of slender, glossy green Alta Magnolia leaves - which are making their opening debut to our catalog this year! Peachy hues of pink and yellow are on vibrant display in the hydrangeas and roses of this piece, with sprigs of avena tying it all together.

PLEASE NOTE: Wreaths are handmade, made to order and may vary in size.

Spring Sunrise Wreath by The Magnolia Company


    Best Value

    The Pollinator Garden



    Every month

    +$25 Start-up Fee

    Diverse mix of annual and perennial native & Florida friendly pollinator plants. Pesticide Free.

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