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Sensational Cosmos - Cosmos bipinnatus is a brilliant, easy-to-grow annual flower that will bring beauty and color to your garden. But watch out, this plant is big, really BIG up to 6' tall! It's perfect for meadow plantings and the back of wildflower garden beds. This plant thrives in sunny locations with well-draining soil and requires very little care. It tolerates heat and drought and will bring a continuous bloom of vibrant orange and yellow flowers all summer long. Growing cosmos is a great way to attract pollinators and beneficial insects to your garden while adding texture and color. 

Sensational Cosmos - Cosmos bipinnatus, non-native

  • Sun: Full to part sun
    Size: 3’-6’ tall
    Soil: Sandy, poor soils
    Drought Tolerance: Tolerant
    Native Status:  Non-native, native to the southwestern US and Mexico
    Bloom Season: Spring through fall
    Bloom Color: orange, red, yellow
    Life Span: Annual
    Growth Habit: Open and sprawling habit, may need to be staked
    Host: Unknown
    Nectar: Yes
    Wildlife Benefit: Excellent nectar plant
    Propagation:  Readily reseeds. Cut seed heads if you do not wish this plant to spread. 

    Find out more at UF/IFAS

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