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Mycorrhizae Fungi with Organic Fertilizer

Mycorrhizae Fungi with Organic Fertilizer


End transplant shock, promote nutrient and water uptake, grow healthier plants with Big Foot Granular! It is a must have for gardening in Florida’s heat. Big Foot Granular has a unique advantage when it comes to soil amendments as it contains endomychorrizae, biochar, kelp, worm castings and humic acid providing the essential building blocks for plant growth.

Apply directly to roots to create a fungi and microbe rich soil food web for your plant to thrive in. Roots establish quicker and your plants grow faster with better yields and healthier soil.

This Granular formula is full of viable Endo-Mycorrhizae – no fillers!

How to use:

Big Foot Granular must make direct contact with the roots of the plant – if you are looking for a water-in application see our Concentrate or Gold.

Spread Granular evenly around the bottom and sides of the planting hole. Ensure thorough coverage of product to maximize root contact.

Planting: Sprinkle ¼ tbsp of granular around the planting hole. Place plant into the planting hold and backfill with soil.

Mix with soil: Mix 3 tbsp of granular per cubic foot. Mix 3-4 lbs of granular per cubic yard of soil.

Turf: Apply during installation or aerification of turf. Use 1.5 pounds per 1,000 sq. ft.

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