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Holiday Gift Tree Collection - By The Magnolia Company

Holiday Gift Tree Collection - By The Magnolia Company

PriceFrom $104.95

Beautifully packaged as a meaningful gift to send to that special someone. Each tree comes covered in 100% natural jute with its own set of care instructions, envelope & gift card. All trees are 18-24”. Give a gift of a lifetime that will grow with love.


All holiday gifts are ordered in advanced and are assembled upon request. Please allow 5 business days for receipt. Available for pick up or direct shipping to your home.


Why we love partnering with The Magnolia Company:


- All Handmade Products

- FL Native Plant Material

- Locally Grown

- Sustainable Practices

- Original Design

- Stunning Beauty

- Heirloom Quality

- Made to Order

- Family Farm


From The Magnolia Company:


"Hand-crafted from our unique specimen Magnolia trees grown on our farm, each stem is looked at for optimum color and texture, cut fresh, and then fabricated by hand. Each decoration is individually accented with the finest attention to detail by our gifted design staff for the holiday season. Nothing brings home the holidays like a beautiful, fresh magnolia wreath from The Magnolia Company."


“There is much to see in our family that is behind the scenes and supports the making of these artisanal designs that are hard to include on the pages of this catalog. However, the magnolia process starts with hard working hands on our farm growing trees and harvesting magnolia branches. The hard work continues in our production shop with the hands of many artists bending and mending stems, leaves and branches into the gorgeous designs we all know as wreaths, garlands, and magnolia décor of which we are privileged to ship across the country.


We have strived to be good stewards of our land and magnolia groves in all areas of protecting our natural environment. Our water recycling project is the crown jewel of our conservation efforts and was initiated in February of 2020 and just completed at thetime of this catalog printing. We are so excited about this because every drop of irrigated water will now be capturedand recycled back through the groves. We are happy about the outcome of this projectand our future water conservations."

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