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Coreopsis leavenworthii Seeds - Leavenworth's tickseed

Coreopsis leavenworthii Seeds - Leavenworth's tickseed


Sourced from the Florida Wildflower Growers Co-op

Description: Lovely, golden yellow flowers at the ends of branched stems with small, mostly linear leaves. Attractive to butterflies. Nearly endemic to Florida; its only occurrence outside of Florida is in two Alabama counties

Lifespan: Short-lived perennial; occasionally annual

Light exposure: Full sun to high pine shade

Bloom color: Yellow

Bloom season: Mid-spring to early summer

Size: 1–3 feet

Habitat: Moist wet flatwoods and disturbed areas

Each packet covers 10 square feet.

Read the Florida Wildflower Foundation's profile of Leavenworth's tickseed.

View or download the Tickseed page from the Foundation's 20 Easy-to-Grow Wildflowers publication.

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