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Candle Stick Senna - Senna Atala, non-native

Candle Stick Senna - Senna Atala, non-native

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Senna atala, candlebush, candlestick senna, is a lovely shrub from South America. It’s the perfect addition to your butterfly garden as it is host to the larvae of the sleepy orange, cloudless sulphur, and orange-barred sulphur butterflies. During a hard free this plant will die back to the ground. However, it is a heavy re-seeder and therefore may become weedy. Remove the seed pods before they fall to avoid any unwanted growth.

Size 6-10’ tall

Full sun

Moist - dry

Poor, loamy, sandy soils

Nitrogen fixing, Fabaceae family

Reported medicinal uses; antifungal properties, antibiotic properties - ringworm, laxative, treat worms, diarrhea, gynecological problems, liver problems, stomach pain during pregnancy, hemorrhoids, blood in the urine, convulsions, heart failure, mouthwash, treat bronchitis and the leaves are toasted to make coffee.

Other common names include, candlestick plant, candlestick senna, ringworm cassia, candlestick, Christmas candle, emperor's candlestick, empress candle plant, candalabra plant, candalabra bush and candletree.

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