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Water Hyssop - Bacopa monnieri

Water Hyssop - Bacopa monnieri

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Water hyssop is a perfect ground-cover for pond edges and moist gardens. Its bright green foliage and delicate pinkish-white flowers brighten up any moist area. It's easy to care for and will thrive in full sun or partial shade. This low growing, mat forming perennial will spread out to create a wonderful dense ground cover that provides food for white peacock caterpillars.


Size at Maturity: Typically grows up to 6-12 inches tall, forming dense mats.

Bloom Season: Blooms from late spring to fall, producing small, white to pinkish flowers.

Native Status to Florida: Native to Florida on pond edges, streams, marshes and brackish edges.

pH Requirements: Tolerant of a wide range of soil pH levels, but typically found in slightly acidic to neutral soils.

Sun Exposure: Thrives in full sun to partial shade.

Salt Tolerance: Tolerant

Moisture Requirements: Prefers consistently moist to wet soil; aquatic commonly found in shallow waters edges

Wildlife Benefits: Provides habitat and cover for small aquatic and terrestrial wildlife species. May attract pollinators with its flowers. Larval host plant for white peacock butterflies.

Considerations: Can spread vigorously and may require management to prevent overtake in small water features or aquariums.

Recommended Landscape Uses: Margins of ponds, water gardens, aquariums, or bog gardens with consistent moisture.

Toxicity to Pets: Bacopa species are not reported to be toxic to pets, but ingestion may cause mild gastrointestinal upset.

Companion Plants: Buttonbush, Rose Mallow, Scarlet Hibiscus, Swamp Hibiscus, Sand Cordgrass, Climbing Aster, Sea-oxeyes, Saltbush

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