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Florida’s native succulent. Perfect for rock gardens. Some may consider this as an annual weed but it’s welcome in our rock gardens!

Size at Maturity: Grows up to 6-12 inches tall and spreads widely.

Bloom Season: Typically blooms in spring and summer.


pH Requirements: Prefers slightly acidic to neutral soil (pH 6.0-7.0).

Sun Exposure: Thrives in partial to full shade.

Salt Tolerance: Not highly salt-tolerant; prefers well-drained soil.


Moisture Requirements: Requires consistently moist soil; avoid waterlogged conditions.

Wildlife Benefits: Attracts some beneficial insects but not significant wildlife attraction.


Phenology: Produces small, white to greenish flowers followed by tiny, explosive seed capsules.


Considerations: Can be invasive in certain areas; may spread rapidly.

Recommended Landscape Uses: Ground cover, container plant, or hanging basket in shaded areas.

Toxicity to Pets: Non-toxic to pets according to ASPCA.

Artillery Plant - Pilea microphylla


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